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Our services
Phaeton provides a full range of transport and logistics services around the world. We carry out international container transportation by sea, road and rail.

The company began its journey in 2020 and despite the global recession in the world economy, it successfully took a place in the market.

We are expanding the horizons of high-quality logistics services for our clients and partners and creating new opportunities for the development of our team.

The main services of the company:

– Sea container transportation

The main focus of our company is the most optimal and widespread delivery method for large and heavy cargo. Sea container transportation is the most affordable type of transportation financially because it is the most profitable in terms of cost.

– Transport and forwarding services

A key tool for avoiding difficulties and shortening the time during customs clearance. Entrusting cargo clearance to professionals, our clients significantly optimize their time.

– Ground transportation

48 own container trucks and the involved transport are the guarantor of prompt and timely transportation. Additionally, the experience of our specialists allows us to arrange the most profitable routes and deliver the goods in complete safety.

– Rail transportation

In comparison with other transportation channels, this type is the most affordable financially. Analyzing the features of your cargo (volume, weight, dimensions, etc.), our team will determine the most convenient way to send it.

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We will take care of transport for your business
We take care of the transport for your business We have experience in handling the formalities and documentation required for your import and export. We work with all international stations to ensure that your shipment arrives safely without delay.
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